We’re back after a little hiatus with a quick video of this amazing sunset at the Oregon Coast.  While the rest of the Pacific Northwest  was enduring record-breaking heat, I took the opportunity to escape to the beach for a few days.  Along with the heat, the air quality in Portland edged into the Unhealthy range.  This was due to the smoke from wildfires burning over a million acres in British Columbia.  But a little heat and discomfort set up perfect conditions for this amazing sunset.

Cannon Beach is my all-time favorite beach and there’s no place better to catch a sunset.  Especially when it’s guaranteed to be spectacular.

Watch this Amazing Sunset!


A Few Snaps of this Spectacular Sunset

A little romance, sunset, and a gratuitous puppy picture.

Romantic Sunset at the Beach
Sunset at the Oregon Coast
Golden Retrievers on the Beach at Sunset
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We will be back later this week with more crafty fun.  Want a little hint on what’s next?  It’s all sorts of lemony goodness.

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