Who knew that a cross-country move, holidays and a full-time job would consume too much time to craft.  Probably anyone who’s done one or more of those at a time!

Our Move

After moving from the Northwest back into our home in Maryland, I had the wonderful opportunity to move all of my craft materials into a dedicated craft room.  This room has two six-foot closets, one of which was previously set up to hold sewing materials.  It’s now holding all of my paper-crafting goodies.  Woo hoo!  There’s a lot of work to be done on the other 6 foot section, but I wanted to get a handful of projects out the door.  Once things have settled in, I’ll post a video of my new setup.

I have to say though.  We lived in a 38′ motorhome for the last two and a half years.  Despite being what most people would deem a tiny home, it was able to contain an amazing amount of craft materials, most of which were not out in the open.  When I got everything into the craft room, I was astounded at just how much I had stored.  My father is convinced it’s my mad Tetris skillz.

Recent Projects

In between my last project posted here, and this post, I also created a handful of Christmas projects that I didn’t have time to video.  As I was only able to work on them in dribs and drabs, it was not really conducive to capturing on video consistently.  I will get some posts up with pictures since a couple of them turned out spectacularly.

I also spent some time on two other fun projects, neither of which are paper-crafting related.  First, I learned how to make bath bombs for my nieces.  It was fun to use the rejects!  And I started on an office-remodel project.  Major home improvement projects consumed my house-based life prior to our move to Portland.  I also love woodworking and am building office furniture.  I now work from home full-time and desperately need some dedicated office furniture.

Upcoming Projects

I have a handful of projects that are in various states of completion, ready for posting here.  Be on the lookout for a video review of the uh-mazing Prima Lavender collection that Ms. USPS just dropped off.  It’s stunning.  I also have some fun wine bottle tags to share.  And, a fun mixed-media project to hold all those wine bottle corks when my friends drink up the delicious wine that I brought back from Oregon.  I also created a sweet box of golden-retriever based cards and will get a post out with the pictures and how-to for those.  Last, I just got a beautiful digital paper collection from Nitwit Collections and I’m eager to pull together a couple cards.

à la prochaine!