I recently made a little trip over to Michael’s to do some fall shopping for supplies to be used in my upcoming projects.  I found so many awesome things, I just had to share so you don’t miss out.  Normally, I am not a fan of “haul” videos.  I know people like to watch other people open up packages and stuff.  But to me, it seems a little too much like bragging.  Not to mention, I find myself distracted while wondering what they’re going to do with loads and loads of purchases.  I mean, do you all really have that much time to be crafting if you’re doing so much shopping?  But I digress.

Fall Shopping Discoveries!

I pop out to my local craft store with some regularity.  And have never been tempted to share what I purchase.  But this fall shopping trip was different because this year, crafting companies have really come out with some awesome craft supplies and decorations.  If I hadn’t watched someone else’s video where she flipped through each and every paper pack, I would have missed out.  And I don’t want you, dear readers and fellow crafters, to miss out either.  I have two videos posting over on my YouTube page with two recent purchases.  I promise this won’t become the haul-a-palooza site.  It’s just I love, love, love this time of year and am excited about all of the fun things I’m going to be creating over the next couple weeks using the stuff I brought home.

Check out our recent finds

So what was your favorite item in there?  Let me know in the comments below!  The most popular items will end up on the projects I do first.

My Plans for all this stuff

And just what am I going to do with all these goodies?  If I were forced to come up with a single hashtag to describe what I like to create the most, it would have to be #LoveFallArt.  There’s just something about the warm colors and cozy feel it brings.  And right behind that is #HalloweenCrafting.  Halloween is by far my most favorite holiday and that extends to crafting too.  Bringing up the end of the year is Christmas crafting.  While I’m TERRIBLE at sending out Christmas cards, I love making them.  Go figure.

Over the next three months, I have an ambitious plan for sharing lots of fall, Halloween, and Christmas creations.  Stay tuned and check back here often.  To be updated as I add all this fun stuff, be sure to click on subscribe and you’ll never miss a post.  You’ll get just a single email per week as I share my creations.  You won’t be bombarded with promotions or ads like many other sites when you share your email address.  Don’t worry about that, I’m too busy having fun with all my new goodies to be pushing promotions on my dear subscribers!

Off to the craft room!

Until next time,