Our Story

I am fairly new to the world of papercrafting.  Several years back while shopping at a local craft store, I came across Adirondack Inks by some guy in a flannel shirt.  I picked up a couple bottles and some tile squares, as well as a couple of Distress ink pads, and promtply packed it all in a box preparing for a cross-country move.  Seven years whooshed by in a blink and I found myself repacking those same untouched supplies in another moving box, from the spot where they had sat the whole time.  As I would temporarily be living in my motorhome–with no landscaping or remodeling projects to consume my time and creative energy–I chucked them in the box to take with to finally (!) try them out.  I googled that guy in the flannel shirt and was quickly enchanted by all things Tim Holtz.  Eager to learn more, I scoured the web, learning, and trying out all sorts of new products and new techniques.

Ink on My Elbows came about as I watched dozens of hours of videos and read hundreds of blog posts.  I realized if I had to search all over the place to learn more about a product, others would too.  And the works that I saw were all very polished.  Much like Pinterest-fail memes, my initial attempts at using these new products never looked remotely close to the well-curated media I was viewing.  I wanted to share that experience so new crafters would not feel like a craft-fail meme.  What you’ll find in these pages is my experiences using new products for the first time.  Comparisons of different types of products so you don’t have to buy product which won’t fit your needs.  Unique card designs and CASEd works of others.  Mixed media projects and art journal pages.

Check out the different artists that Inspire me.  There are a lot of crafty people out there making beautiful art.  Join along on my journey!