Most of my taste in crafting tend to run towards clean and simple.  But when I saw the new Prima Lavender collection, the love for shabby chic was sparked. 

Overview of the Prima Lavender Collection

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I did this review because I had a tough time finding any close-up views of the whole collection.  The thumbnails provided on various shopping sites didn’t really give you a good view of the papers available.  And Prima’s website and two blog sites were limited in what they displayed.  Unless I didn’t do a good enough job of searching…

The new paper collection consists of six sheets of mostly one-sided papers. This could be good or bad depending on your perspective.  For one, you don’t have to worry about cutting into a lovely second side.  For the most part, you won’t have to make the sometimes hard decision of which side to use.  The back sides of most of the sheets have a generic city street map; this leaves the front side free to cut apart with abandon.  On the flip side, it does mean that there’s less selection with this collection as there are only 6 unique, usable designs.  If you’re into mini albums, this means the look of your pages, mats and flip folds may get to be a little repetitive given the limited patterns available.  But if you’re into card making or decorative crafting (boxes, mixed media, scrapbook pages), the six designs are more than sufficient.

Three of the six designs can be considered cut-aparts, two are florals, and the last is an abstract flourish (unless you consider the ledger design as the A side).  Almost every 12×12 sheet had some form of rose-gold foiling.  However, the A4 and 6×6 papers do not feature foiling, just the 12×12 papers.  Something to keep in mind.  This is unusual as with other collections I’ve purchased, it’s often only the 6×6 pads that have foil or other embellishing.

The paper is available in four formats:

  • 12×12 pad
  • 6×6 pad
  • A4-sized pad
  • Loose sheets of each of the 6 pages

Embellies galore!

There’s a wide assortment of embellishments that come with the collection.  This appears to be a very popular collection, as many of the larger websites have sold out of different embellishments.  Or, perhaps, they haven’t yet received in their shipments.  Options include:

  • Sticker sheet, including planner stickers
  • Chipboard stickers with similar images as the regular stickers
  • An ephemera collection
  • Two butterfly collections
  • Say It In Crystals that are uh-mazing!
  • At least 10 different flower collections with coordinating colors
  • 2×3 Journaling cards with 4 copies of each of 15 designs
  • 4×6 Journaling cards also with 4 copies of each of 15 designs
  • Washi tape with 4 rolls
  • A set of tickets

A Video Walk-through of the Prima Lavender Collection

Since it was so hard to see the collection up-close, I thought I’d share this video walkthrough of the different  items that I bought.  This post was in no way sponsored, compensated or materials provided by Prima.  I just thought it was beautiful and wanted to share so others could also see how lovely it is close-up.



Let me know what you think and share links to the things you make with this collection.