Products used in Spouncers Review

What exactly are spouncers you ask?


Such a funny name for a simple, useful tool.  Spouncers are sponge pouncers used to dab paint through stencils.  Similar to a sponge paint brush, a spouncer has a flat, round surface.  They were the tool I used when I applied the Viva 3D Stamp Paint in the comparison I did of ways to add shimmer to single-layer card bases.  In this week’s video, I compare three different brands of spouncers as I apply different mediums through a stencil.

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The supplies used in this comparison includes, in relative order:


I apply each medium through a different section of the stencil.  I’m looking at the difference in coverage through the stencil, how easy it was to apply each medium, and how much medium ended up underneath the stencil.  First, a little disclosure here, I’m not a stenciler.  I use stencils with texture paste and not paint.  So, my technique and results may not be ideal, but it still allowed me to judge each product.  To apply each medium, I pounced the medium through the stencil, attempting to get thorough coverage in each area.

Watch the comparison in this video:


Several things became clear as I made my way through each medium using the different spouncers. First, the Darice and Plaid spouncers were similar.  However, Plaid’s spouncer seemed to have better construction and had a slight edge in performance over the Darice.  Second, the foam from the Martha Stewart product was significantly stiffer.  Another difference with the Martha Stewart was the design.  In this case, form does impact function, in ways both good and bad.  On the positive side,  the tubular foam provides two ends that can be used before washing it out.  However, the tubular foam was more difficult to slide back into the cylindrical holder.  Also, the dense foam took longer to dry before it could be used again.  In a project with multiple paint colors, this means your project will take longer to complete.  Finally, if I were to buy these again, I’d buy the Plaid spouncers.

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