While I’ve watched hundreds of videos over time of many very talented people creating art journal pages, I’ve been challenged by the vision and inspiration to do one myself.  I stumbled onto a very creative chap, Mike Deakin, who runs a Facebook group, Mission Inspiration and have enjoyed his videos on YouTube.  Finally, with specific prompts, I had vision and inspiration.  This is the challenge for February. It says Top Secret, hope I’m not giving it away!

This is my second journal page ever and first submission to the MI group.


The Challenges

This year, the missions introduced color themes and word themes.  I chose Love from this month’s words.  And when it comes to colors, and the instruction to paint or spray, my very favorite Lindy’s sprays come to mind.  This month red and black (as well as teal) were the selected colors.  I recently purchased Black Orchid Silver and knew it would find a place on this page.  Coupled with Rudolph’s Red Nose, and Midnight Ruby embossing powder for the LOVE and the frame, it added a perfect silver shimmer.  Look at this loveliness…

Those who follow directions and have an eagle eye will notice there were a couple steps that I skipped.  I didn’t have book text or music text; the thought of cutting apart a book just troubles me.  Some bookprint tissue paper or a stamp may need to be a future purchase if that prompt makes a frequent appearance.  I did add washi tape and promptly took it off.  While the color was perfect–a marbled swirl of a similar hued grey– the harsh line that it added to the page just didn’t work.

Hope you have a creative day!